Symposium "Space",
New Museum, New York, USA

curated by Sarah Gold and Karlyn De Jongh

April 3 2009. Symposium “Space” at The New Museum in New York, USA.

Curator Karlyn De Jongh, Robert Barry and Peter Lodermeyer.


Robert Barry


Jessica Stockholder


Karlyn De Jongh, Jessica Stockholder

and Peter Lodermeyer.

 Karlyn De Jongh reads the text by Rene Rietmeyer.

Karlyn De Jongh and Peter Lodermeyer.

 Peter Lodermeyer
 April 4 2009 opens with: Kocot and Hatton

Peter Halley and Karlyn De Jongh


Peter Halley, Karlyn De Jongh and Peter Lodermeyer

Richard Tuttle


Karlyn De Jongh,









Peter Lodermeyer and Keith Sonnier

 Keith Sonnier



Artist Yuko Sakurai, Karlyn De Jongh and Keith Sonnier


Yuko Sakurai, Karlyn De Jongh, Keith Sonnier and Peter Lodermeyer