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Personal Structures WORK OVERVIEW 2006


2-9 January  2006 
Sarah Gold assisting the Auden Galerie and meetings at Art-Miami, U.S.A.
10 January
Meeting with Rene Rietmeyer, initiator of the project "Personal Structures"  in Naples, USA. (photo) 
10-12 January 
Assisting the Auden Galerie and meetings at  PalmBeach3, U.S.A.
14-15 January  
Set-up of the exhibition "Personal Structures Vienna 2006"  at Feichtner Gallery in Vienna, Austria.

   17 January   
Sarah Gold at the opening of the exhibition  "Personal Structures Vienna 2006", Vienna, Austria.
Photo l-r: Raguenes, Beltjens, Piasta, Gasteiger, Gold,  Stanzel,  Lodermeyer, Girardoni.
20 January - 8 February
Organisational work in The Netherlands.
9 February   
Planning a Rietmeyer installation at the house of Belgium collector.
10 February  
Planning of an exhibition at the Galerie Goldener Engl in Innsbruck-Hall, Austria.
11-12 February
Meeting with Lukas Feichtner and Jakob Gasteiger in Vienna, Austria.
   13 February     
Appointment with curator Florian Steininger from "Kunst Forum" and director Peter Bogner  "Kuenstler Haus" in Vienna, Austria.
14 February   
Appointment with curator Livia Paldi "Kunsthalle" Budapest, Hungary.
18 February   
Opening of the Art Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
21-23 February
Meetings with Rietmeyer in Heusden, The Netherlands.
24-26 February  
Meeting with Denise Rene at her gallery in Paris, France. (photo: Denise, Sarah Gold and Naraha) 
   2 March   
Appointment with Bernd Lausberg at his gallery to arange the exhibition for July in  Duesseldorf, Germany. 
13 March   
Meeting with "The Painter" Joseph Marioni in New York, U.S.A. (photo). Marioni is a leading theorist for what he calls radical concrete painting, and for him color with its emotional resonance is the essential characteristic of painting that distinguishes it from other art mediums. The paint covers the surface, but it is not put on evenly, you see how rivulets of pigment coursed down its surface, thanks to gravity, coming to an end unevenly at its bottom edge.
   14 March  
Meeting at the Manhattan studio of artist Thomas Pihl. 
Born in Bergen, Norway in 1964, Thomas Pihl lives and works sinds 1994 -for the most part- in New York City, U.S.A.. The center focus of his concept of art is his critical dialogue with the phenomenon of the (over-) aestheticizing of western or western-influenced, visual everyday culture and the confrontation with the cultural, political, and ethical implications of mass productions and mass consumption of pictures. Sinds 2000, he has been working on the 'Prearticulations ' series. These works are paintings whose many layers are composed of semi-transparent acrylic paints which have been poured onto the canvas
   15 March   
Meeting with Johannes Girardoni at his New York studio. 
The in 1967 Austrian born artist grew up in Vienna before immigrating to the U.S. in 1982. Girardoni began as an abstract painter, but became increasingly interested in three-dimensionality. Through an encounter with the work of Jasper Johns, he became acquainted with the rather rare technique of encaustics, the juse of wax as a binding agent for the paint pigments. In addition to objects which he has found by chance (mostly wood, sometimes also metal), colored or natural wax is his preffered medium.
   16 -29 March  
Meetings with the artdealer Margot Stein and Marjorie Margolis, owner of the gallery Camino Real in Boca Raton, USA. (photo: Studio of Rietmeyer in Miami, USA)
30 March   
Appointment with Ruth Grim, curator of the Bass Museum, Miami, USA.  
2-9 April    
Assisting the Auden Galerie and meetings at the Viennafair, Vienna, Austria. As well as meeting with Florian Steininger from Kunst Forum, Peter Bogner from Kuenstlerhaus, Vienna and Livia Paldi from Kunsthalle Budapest.  
12 April   
Set-up exhibition in Innsbruck-Hall at Galerie Goldener Engl. 
   14 April   
Installing the exhibition of Rietmeyer at Galerie De Rijk, The Hague, The Netherlands, opening 16 April (photo).
21 April  
Visiting Art Brussels and meeting Spanish artist Miquel Mont.
2-7 May   
Assisting Galerie De Rijk at the Art Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
   5 May   
Opening of the Personal Structures exhibition at Galerie Goldener Engl, Innsbruck-Hall, Austria.
(photo l-r: Peter Lodermeyer, Nelleke Beltjens, Jakob Gasteiger, Yuko Sakurai).
9-11 May  
Meeting with Takashi Naraha at his studio in Lanhelin, Bretagne, France.  
29 May-6 June
Several meetings in New York, USA. a.o. Joseph Marioni, Johannes Girardoni, Thomas Pihl and Eva Schmiedleitner from GlobalArtAffairs. 
   8 -25 June
Organisational work in The Netherlands
27 June   
Meeting with Roman Opalka at the Museum d'Art Contemporain, St. Etienne, France. Photo: from left to right the artisits Roman Opalka and Rene Rietmeyer with curator Sarah Gold. They are standing in the structure called ‘Octagon’ which Roman Opalka espessially designed for presenting his work and spoken words. In the 'Octagon' Opalka, Rietmeyer and Gold were having a lively discussion about whether Roman Opalka will stop painting or continue, if he is not able to stand with grace anymore infront of his canvases inorder to paint. 
   27 June   
Curator Sarah Gold presents the project Personal Structures to Roman Opalka (photo below). The work of Roman Opalka is about time, and he has made the clearest and most emphatic statement imaginable by measuring out the present tense of his life in painted and spoken integers and daily photographs.
   In 1965 he developed the thought for his lifelong-lasting project, "OPALKA 1965/1-[infinity]". Each canvas is filled, left to right and top to bottom, with horizontal rows of tiny consecutive numbers painted with white acrylic paint on a gray ground. He had started with white on black, but when he reached 1,000,000 (in 1972), he decided to add white to his ground in 1 percent increments, and he began to say the numbers as he painted them, looking to the eventual stage of painting white on white.
   30 June    
Sarah Gold has an appointment with Paul van Rosmalen, owner of gallery Borzo, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
It is this Gallery owner who suggested that the artworld could need a serious event. Out of this idea the symposium project for Amsterdam, New York and Tokyo has been develloped.
   2 July  
Meeting with Dutch artist Jan van Munster at his new exhibition space in Vlissingen, The Netherlands(photo). To talk about a future event which we are planning in Amsterdam.
   4 July
Installing the exhibition  "Personal Structures: Schwarzweiss als Farbe" at Galerie Lausberg Duesseldorf, Germany.
7 July  
Meeting with Thomas Rieger, curator from the Kunsthalle Duesseldorf, Germany. Photo from left to right: author Peter Lodermeyer, Thomas Rieger, Sarah Gold, Rene Rietmeyer.
They are in discussion about the possibilities for future cooperation between the Kunsthalle Duesseldorf and the Project Personal Structures, which is represented by Global Art Affairs, New York.
   7 July  Opening of the exhibition "Personal Structures: Schwarzweiss als Farbe" at Galerie Lausberg Duesseldorf, Germany. Photo: the curator Sarah Gold and Japanese artist Yuko Sakurai discussing her work "Ardenne" (2004).
8-22 July
Organisational work in the Netherlands.
23 July
Meeting with Robert Drees, gallerist from Hannover, to talk about future cooperation possibilties between his gallery and the project Personal Structures.

28 July
Sarah Gold visiting the studio's of Rene Rietmeyer (photo) and Yuko Sakurai (next photo) in Heusden, The Netherlands.
1-18 August
Re-organising the Personal Structures warehouse.
21-22 August
Meetings with Pere Soldevila from Galeria Metropolitana, Barcelona, Spain. Discussing possibilities for future cooperation with his new project “Work Box” (planned opening 2007) in Barcelona.

   26 August
Meeting with Henk Peeters, who was together with Jan Schoonhoven, Jan Henderikse and Armando, members of the Dutch movement “Nul”.
27-30 August 
Organisational work in The Netherlands
31 August
Meeting with Bernd Lausberg in Duesseldorf, Germany.
1-5 September
Organisational work in The Netherlands
6 September
Meeting with Dutch artist JCJvanderHeyden.
   24 September
In Soho, New York, USA meeting with the Personal Structures artists Thomas Pihl, Rene Rietmeyer, Paul Raguenes, Johannes Girardoni (photo).
25 September
Appointments that day with Robert Kloos (Director for Visual Arts at the Dutch Consulate) and Christoph Thun-Hohenstein (Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum) to talk about cooperation possibilities for the symposium "Personal Structures: Time - Space -Existence" which is planned for the summer of 2007 in New York. 
   27 September
Meeting at Gallery Camino Real in Boca Raton, Florida, USA, to organise the last details for the upcoming Personal Structures exhibition.
29 September
Meeting with a collector in Palm Beach and installing an installation of Boxes by Rietmeyer at her home.
9 October
Installing an exhibition "Personal Structures" at the Gallery Arti Capelli in The Netherlands (photo works by Sakurai). 
   19 Oktober
Appointment at Arti et Amicitiae with the head of exhibitions Gabrielle Mertz to start the organisation of the symposium to be held in Amsterdam (photo).The symposium "Personal Structures: Time-Space-Existence" will start with the topic "Time" on June 15 2007 in Amsterdam and also be held in New York, "Space" and Tokyo, "Existence".
   2 November
Opening of the exhibition "Personal Structures USA 2006" at the gallery Camino Real in Boca Raton Florida.
Photo: Sarah Gold, gallery owner Marjorie Margolis and Rene Rietmeyer.
   6 December
In the first 2 weeks several meetings in Miami-Beach with collectors, gallerists and curators.
20 December
Sitting on her veranda in Miami-Beach, Sarah Gold is working on the concept of the symposium PERSONAL STRUCTURES: TIME-SPACE-EXISTENCE which will be held in Amsterdam, New York and Tokyo.The symposium in Amsterdam will be held in Arti et Amicitiae and will be about 'TIME', June 15-16, 2007.