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Personal Structures WORK OVERVIEW 2007

    4-9 January
Assisting Gallery Hafenrichter from Germany on the Art Miami and several meetings with galleries and collectors in Miami, USA.
11-15 January
Assisting Gallery Hafenrichter on the art fair Palm Beach 3, as well as some meetings with collectors and galleries in Palmbeach, USA.
19 January
Installing "Miami-Beach Big Boxes" made by the Dutch artist Rene Rietmeyer at the Elaine Baker Gallery in Boca Raton USA (photo).
   25 January
Back in the Netherlands, organisational work concerning the symposiums "Personal Structures: Time-Space-Existence" which will be held in Amsterdam (Time), New York (Space) and Tokyo (Existence). 
14-20 February
Assisting the Auden Gallery from Germany on the Art Innsbruck, Austria. As well as some appointments with galleries and collectors. 

22 February
Appointment with the Dutch art historian Jonneke Jobse from the University Amsterdam, to speak about her participation in the symposium 'Personal Structures: Time-Space-Existence' in Amsterdam.



26 February
Sarah Gold (photo) working, in her appartement in The Netherlands, for the symposium and the exhibition in Amsterdam.

   26 February
Appointment with Tijmen van Grootheest, president of the Rietveld Academy, in Amsterdam.
27 February
Meeting with Dutch artist Henk Peeters at his home to discuss his participation at the symposium in Amsterdam.
   2 March
Meeting with Thomas Rieger from the Konrad Fischer Galerie in Duesseldorf Germany, to discuss the support from the gallery for the exhibition at Arti in Amsterdam. (photo: Dr. Peter Lodermeyer, Thomas Rieger and Sarah Gold). 
20 March
Meeting in Bruxelles with Michel Baudson, President of the Academie royale de Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles, Belgium.
20 March
Meeting with the American artist Henry Richardson in Paris, France.
21 March
Meeting at the University of  Leiden, Netherlands with Prof. Dr. Kitty Zijlmans.
   27 March
Visiting Hamish Fulton for an interview for the upcoming publication "Personal Structures Time-Space-Existence".
This photo was taken on the path by his house near Canterbury, U.K. From l-r: Sarah Gold, Rene Rietmeyer, Peter Lodermeyer and Hamish Fulton.
18 April
Meeting with Peter Lodermeyer and Thomas Rieger (Konrad Fischer Galerie) in Dusseldorf, Germany.
   21 April
Meeting in Bruxelles with the German curator and critic Prof. Klaus Honnef to discuss his participation at the Amsterdam symposium. (photo)
23 April
Meeting in Stuttgart with Daniel Spanke, curator at the KunstMuseum, Germany.
25 April
Meeting with Florian Steininger, curator of the Kunstforum, Vienna, Austria.
   26 April
Appointment with Peter Bogner, director of the Kunstlerhaus Vienna, to discuss the "Personal Structures: Time-Space-Existence" exhibition sceduled for spring 2009.
28 April
Meeting at the Georg Kargl Gallery, Vienna, Austria, with Joseph Kosuth to discuss his participation at the symposium in Japan about Existence (photo). This symposium wil be held in Tokyo the first week of April (Sakura) in 2008. 
   29 April
Meeting with the Hungarian artist Andras Gal in Budapest, Hungary.
4 May
Meeting with the American artist Jo Bear in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where she confirmed her participation at the Amsterdam symposium.Together with the confirmation over the telephone from the American artist Lawrence Weiner this makes our participants list for the Amsterdam symposium complete.
   9 May
Meeting with Prof. Klaus Honnef and Dr. Peter Lodermeyer in Bonn, Germany.
10 May
Meeting the Dutch artist Bram Bogart at his house in Belgium. At the age of nearly 86, he is still working everyday, creating his works made of plaster and pigments.
11 May
Meeting Nicolaus Schaffhausen, a.o. director of Witte de With in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.  
   18 May
Meetings at the Vasarely Museum in Budapest, Hungary.
19 May
At the Vass museum in Vesprem, Hungary, adjusting the work of Joseph Marioni (photo).
21 May
Meeting in Vaduz, Lichtenstein with gallerist Kurt Prantl. After that date preparing for the Time-Space-Existence Symposium and exhibition in Amsterdam.
   14 June
One day before the symposium Personals Structures Time-Space-Existence in Amsterdam, Sarah Gold is installing a work by Richard Long. On the background work by Yuko Sakurai and 21 Telegrams by On Kawara.
   15 June
In discussion with Roman Opalka whether his works should be in a Plexiglas box, as seen as on the background, or not. He stated that it is better to use a preservative than getting a decease. Later that day Roman Opalka spoke during the Symposium about his vision of Time combining h is artwork.
   16 June
Overview of the exhibition which accompanied the symposium about Time in Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Works by Roman Opalka, Rene Rietmeyer, Hamish Fulton, Yuko Sakurai, On Kawara, Carl Andre and Richard Long.
   16 June
During the panel discussion Klaus Honnef, Karlijn de Jongh, Rene Rietmeyer, Roman Opalka and Sarah Gold are debating the especially for the event written text of Joseph Kosuth about Time.

16 June
Speaking to Lawrence Weiner and Rene Rietmeyer during the symposium in Amsterdam.

25 June
Meeting at the Konrad Fischer Galerie, Dusseldorf, as well as an appointment with Klaus Honnef in Bonn, Germany.
26 June
Appointment with gallery owner Kurt Prantl in Vaduz, Lichtenstein.

   27 June
Hanging the works of Yuko Sakurai at Galerie Lindner in Vienna, Austria (photo). Meeting later that day with gallery owner Georg Kargl in Vienna, Austria.

28-29 June
Several meetings in Venice, Italy

2 July
Appointment with a Canadian Collector in the South of France.

4 July Meeting with Rudiger Maul from AC-Press and appointment with Andreas Krueger from the Krueger printing company, Saarbruecken, Germany.

5 July
Appointment with the artist Bram Bogart in Belgium.

18 JulyAppointment with AC-Pressowner Rudiger Maul to discuss possible sponsorship finding projects in Germany.
26 July
Meeting with Gallery owner Kurt Prantl in Dornbirn, Austria.

   31 July
Appointment with the head-curator John Sillevis from the Gemeente Museum, The Hague, Netherlands.
10 August
Visiting the German Printing Company, Krueger Druck in Dillingen, in order to discuss the printing of the upcoming book publication (photo).
As well as an appointment with Rudiger Maul owner of AC-Press.
   16 August
The first installation of three "LIFE" Boxes. These Boxes are made by Rietmeyer and from ceramic. They are an important part of the special sponsor project to finance the upcomming publication: "Personal Structures Time-Space-Existence"
25 August
Meeting with a collector in Antwerp, Belgium.
   7 September
Meeting with Klaus Honnef in Bonn, Germany.
8 September
Appointment at the Galerie Hafenrichter&Flugel in Nurnberg, Germany
10 September
Meeting with Joseph Kosuth to speak about his participation in the Time-Space-Existence project, in Rome, Italy.
13 September
Meeting with a collector in Cannes, France.
16-21 September
Several appointments in Venice, Italy.
27 September
Opening of the Personal Structures Exhibition in Nurnberg, Germany (photo).
   28 September
Works by On Kawara and Yuko Sakurai, part of the exhibition at galerie Hafenrichter-Fluegel in Nuremberg, Germany. (photo)
23 October
During a three week stay in Miami, several appointments as well as assisting  by installing the installation "Santa Monica" with Rene Rietmeyer at the Fischer Island home of a collector.
9 November
Meeting a collector in Belgium.
16 November
Appointment with Kristina Schuknecht from GAA-Software in The Hague, The Netherlands.
17 November
Meeting with the Murano Glass factory owner Adriano Berengo in The Netherlands.
   20 November
Appointment with Peke Hofman from the CBK, The Netherlands.  
21 November
Meeting with Galerie Hafenrichter&Fluegel in Nuernberg, Germany.
22 November
Fundraising event to support the project ‘Personal Structures: Time-Space-Existence’ with collectors in Saarland, Germany.
23 November
Meeting author Peter Lodermeyer and Gabi Honnef in Bonn, Germany.
26 November
Interview (photo) with Dutch Zero artist Henk Peeters and Peter Lodermeyer for the upcoming publication.
   3-9 December
Presenting Personal Structures at the Art Miami, USA with Galerie Benden&Klimczak, Cologne and Galerie Hafenrichter&Fluegel from Germany. Photo shows Sarah Gold together with curator Karlijn de Jongh
18 December
Appointment with Philip Martin and David D’ Ambrosio from BEA international in Miami, to discuss an art-achitectual project in Boston, USA.