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Personal Structures WORK OVERVIEW 2008

   January 8
Sarah Gold working at the apartment in Miami-Beach, USA.
   January 10-14
Curator Sarah Gold and collector Mrs. Barnett on the
Palm Beach3 Art fair (photo) in Palm-Beach,  Florida, USA.
January 15
Installation of the work of Rene Rietmeyer at a collector in West Palm Beach, USA.

Meeting with gallery owner Silvana Facchini, Miami, USA.
January 20 - 27
Appointment with collectors in Key West, St.Petersburg, Tampa and in Sarasota, USA.


February 1-22
Working on the Personal Structures: Time-Space-Existence project. Preparing for
the symposium "Existence" in Tokyo, and further meetings in Florida, USA.
February 28-2
Several meetings at the Art fair in Karlsruhe, Germany.

March 7: Meetings at Tefaf, Maastricht, Netherlands. Meeting with Haruko Wakae from Museum Haus Kasuya in Cologne, Germany (photo).


   March 8
Appointment with Robert Bovet and Silvana Fachhini in Geneve, Switserland.
March 10
Several meetings in Venice and Murano Italy (photo).

March 15
Appointments with Heartbeat-Sasaki in Tokyo, Japan.
As well as meeting with Gallery 360 and the Berengo Collection.

March 16: Meeting with photographers. Preparations for the Existence symposium (photo) in Tokyo, Japan.

March 17: Meeting with Johnnie Walker, Tokyo, Japan.March 18: Appointment at the Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan.

   March 19Appointment with Rei Maeda from Art Front Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
March 20
Meeting with artist Tomoji Ogawa in Tokyo, Japan.                                     
March 22
Meeting with collector in Tokyo, Japan.
Appointment with artist Toshikatsu Endo (photo) in Machida, Japan.
   March 24
Meeting with Mari Watanabe from Townart, Tokyo, Japan.

March 27
Meeting with artist Saburo Ota (photo) in Okayama, Japan.
   March 28
After meeting Saburo Ota, trough the Japanese hills back to Tokyo for the symposium "Existence" (photo: curators Sarah Gold and Karlijn De Jongh, artist Yuko Sakurai)
   April 2
First day of the personal Structures "Existence" Symposium in the Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan.
Lunch time with Sushi under the Japanese Cherry blossom trees. Photo a.o.: Sarah Gold, Joseph Kosuth, Peter Lodermeyer and Rene Rietmeyer.
   April 3
Artist  and initiator of the project Personal Structures, Rene Rietmeyer, speaking about Existence (photo).
   April 3
Artist Joseph Kosuth speaking about Existence (photo: Karlijn De Jongh, Sarah Gold and Joseph Kosuth)
   April 4 and 8
Appointment with Joseph Kosuth, Tokyo, Japan.

April 16 - 27

Several meetings: Galerie Benden-Klimczak and Hafenrichter-Fluegel at Art Cologne, Germany; at the Art Brussel, Belgium; with the Auden Galerie in, Bad Homburg, Germany; at the Viennafair in Vienna, Austria; with Adriano Berengo in Murano, Italy and in Lausanne, Switserland.

   May 3
Meeting with galerist Rudolf Budja in Miami, USA.
May 10
Opening of the bkhfgallery, Miami, USA.
Photo: Artist Rene Rietmeyer, assistant Jaime, gallery owners Jens Hafenrichter, Rainer Klimczak, Frank Fluegel and Klaus Benden, curators Karlijn De Jongh and Sarah Gold.
   May 10
Curators of the show Sarah Gold and Karlijn De Jongh discussing with Klaus Benden the concept of the exhibition (photo). Sarah Gold is the main
curator for the bkhfgallery in Miami. She will remain being a curator for the Personal Structures Project as well.
   May 15
Curators Karlijn De Jongh and Sarah Gold in front of work by Tom Wesselmann in the bkhfgallery, Miami, USA.
   June 14
Opening of the 'Crossing Borders' exhibition at the bkhfgallery. The exhibition is a confrontation between art related to the Pop Art movement and artists who work with minimalistic characteristics.
Photo: Artist Rene Rietmeyer, Sarah Gold and Rainer Klimczak.
   30 July
Peter Lodermeyer, Karlijn De Jongh and Sarah Gold conducting an interview with Roman Opalka at his house and studio near Paris, France.
With Karlijn De Jongh in Turino, Italy, after a meeting with Giuseppe Penone at his Studio.

17 August

Looking over the Greek Islands, Kephalonia and Ithaki, working on the text about Time, Space, Existence.


September 2

After visiting Joseph Kosuth in Rome, on a parking on the Italian Autostrada, telephone calls have to be made to confirm new appointments.


September 3

Meeting with the director from the Kunstlerhaus Bregenz, in Austria, to discuss the exhibition for 2010.

   September 13

Opening of the exhibition "German Photography at the bkhfgallery in Miami, USA


November 6

Discussing possible future projects with Larry Becker and Heidi Nivling from Larry Becker Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, USA.
(photo) In front of their gallery after a quality human and promising encounter.


Nov 6

Meeting with Otto Piene at the opening of the ZERO exhibition at Sperone Westwater in New York.


Nov 7

Meeting with Vito Acconci at his Brookyn, New York studio to discuss his participation at the New York symposium for March 2009.




Nov 7

Next to the Acconci Studio, seeing Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge. SPACE is a prominent issue here.


Nov 13 - Nov 15
Meeting with Karlijn De Jongh in Leiden, The Netherlands.(photo)
Nov 16
Meeting with Peter Lodermeyer in Bonn, Germany
Nov 17 - Nov 18
Meeting with 2 German Gallery owners
Nov 19
Meeting with Gallery owners Benden and Klimzcak, in Cologne, Germany
Nov 20
Meeting at the Printing Company in Dillingen, Germany to discuss the upcomming publication.
Nov 22
Meeting in Paris with collector Axel Vervoordt and two Italian curators to discuss the possibilities for a symposium "Infinity" in Venice.


The first 2 weeks of December busy at the Art fairs in Miami.

Dec 18
Installing art work by Rene Rietmeyer at the Virginia home of a collector.

Dec. 23

Meetings  in New York at Cueto Project, Pace Wildenstein Gallery and Sean Kelly Gallery (photo) to discuss future cooperation’s.