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Personal Structures WORK OVERVIEW 2009


January 1-31
Meetings with collectors and working on the publication “Personal Structures Time-Space-Existence”

January 14-19
Assisting Gallery Jens Hafenrichter at the Palm Beach Art Fair, Florida USA.
Photo: Sarah Gold adjusting 'Houston' Boxes by Rene Rietmeyer.

   February 2-8
Assisting Gallery Rudof Budja at the AIFAF and serveral meetings with collectors in Palm Beach, USA.
Photo: Sarah Gold taking care for the presentation of the installation ‘Venice’ by Rene Rietmeyer.

February 10
At the Miami studio from Rene Rietmeyer preparing an installtion for a Japanese collector.
Photo: Sarah Gold placing the ‘Miami Beach’ boxes in order to get an impression of the total installation.

February 11-12
Meetings with collectors and DJT Fine Art in Palm Beach, USA.
February 16
Meeting at Larry Becker Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, USA.

   February 17-20
Several meetings in New York a.o. with Robert Kloos, cultural attaché from the Dutch Consulate, with Eungie Joo and Travis Chamberlain from the New Museum (photo) and with the artists Lawrence Weiner and Robert Barry.
February 26
Appointment at Art Affairs in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
February 28
Appointment with a collector in Antwerp, Belgium.
March 1-3
Meetings with a.o. the author Peter Lodermeyer in Bonn, with
Andreas Krueger owner of the printing company KDV in Dillingen, Germany.
   March 4-7
Several meetings in Venice in order to prepare for two Symposia which will be organized by Sarah Gold and Karlijn de Jongh during the Venice Biennial.
‘Infinity’ in cooperation with the exhibition ‘In-finitum’ at the Palazzo Fortuny and the Symposium ‘Matter’ which will be held at the Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti.
Photo: Sarah Gold on the Academia Bridge with the Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti in the background, Venice, Italy.  

March 8
Appointment at Gallery Julia Philippi in Heidelberg, Germany.

 March 9
Appointment with collector in Antwerp, Belgium.

March 10-19
Sarah Gold after many days of preparing the symposium at the New Museum about ‘Space’ in a hotel in the Netherlands (photo).
   March 22- April 3
Realizing the symposium ‘Space’ in New York from the Netherland’s.
Photo: ‘SPACE’, Sarah Gold at the beach in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.
   April 3 and 4
Symposium about ‘Space’ at the New Museum, with a.o. Robert Barry, Jessica Stockholder, Richard Tuttle and Keith Sonnier, New York USA.

April 3
Meetings at the Auden Galerie in Bad Homburg, Germany.

April 4
Appointments a.o. with Jens Hafenrichter and Frank Fluegel in Nuermberg, Germany.

 April 7
Meetings in Vienna with a.o gallery owner Georg Kargl as well as with Peter Bogner, director of the Kuenstlerhaus in Vienna, Austria (photo).

   April 9-14
Meetings a.o with the curator of the Italian Pavilion, Luca Beatrice in Venice, Italy.
Photo: Sarah Gold at the Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti, Venice Italy.

April 15
Meeting with Dr. Wilhelm Meusburger at the Kunstlerhaus Bregenz, Austria to discuss details for the exhibition "Personal Structures: Time-Space-Existence", which will be shown from January 15 - February 21, 2010.
Photo: Curators Karlijn De Jongh and Sarah Gold in front of the Kunstlerhaus Bregenz, Austria.


15 May
Meeting with Joseph Kosuth in Rome, Italy (photo). Further that month several meetings with a.o. Fred Wilson in Venice, Italy.

  2 June
Appointment with Davide, assistent to Marina Abramovic and meeting with Teresa Margolles at the Mexican Pavillion as well as meeting Peter Lodermeyer in Venice Italy. 
3 June
Together with Karlyn De Jongh, meeting with Roman Opalka and appointment with Joseph Kosuth, Venice, Italy.
Meeting with Georg Kargl, gallerist from Vienna as well as with Dorothee Fischer, Thomas Rieger and Daniel Marzona from the Konrad Fischer Galerie, Germany.
  4 June
Sarah Gold, Karlijn De Jongh, Marina Abramovic, Peter Lodermeyer and Rene Rietmeyer during the Symposium
  8 July
Sarah Gold and Xing Xin at the 53rd Biennale di Venezia, Venice, Italy.
  17 July
Interview with Gottfried Honegger in his studio in Zuerich, Switserland.
  17 September
Interview with Rene Rietmeyer (together with Karlyn De Jongh and Peter Lodermeyer)
  20 September
Together with Karlyn De Jongh on our way from Venice to Germany on top of the Gotthard Pas in Switserland.

12 October
Together with Karlyn De Jongh at the bookbinder in Trier, Germany, receiving the first copy of the publication "Personal Structures Time-Space-Existence".

14 October
A day at the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany



17 October
After visiting the Frieze Art Fair in London and the home of Hamish Fulton in Canterburry, England, spending some time at the British coast by Dover before taking the ferry.

24 November
Meeting with the entire staff of the Konrad Fischer Galerie, Duesseldorf, Germany.


26 November
Meeting with Hamish Fulton at Gallery Hausler, Munick, Germany

27 November
Meeting with Willie Meusberger at the Kuenstlerhaus Bregenz, Austria and Kurt Prantl at his gallery in Vaduz, Lichtenstein

1 December 2009
Meeting with the collectors Gerhard und Anna Lenz in Tirol, Austria.

2 December
Visiting the studio from Arnulf Rainer in OberOesterreich, Austria.

3 December
Visiting the studio of Hermann Nitsch in Prinzendorf, Austria.

Working in the apartment in Venice to prepare the exhibition in Bregenz at the Kunstlerhaus Palais Thurn und Taxis.

  Snow and aqua alta on Piazza San Marco in Venice.