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Personal Structures WORK OVERVIEW 2010

 12 January 2010.  Karlyn De Jongh & Sarah Gold in front of the Kunstlerhaus Palais Thurn & Taxis, Bregenz, Austria.
 Karlyn De Jongh & Sarah Gold installing a work by Lawrence Weiner as part of the exhibition at the Kunstlerhaus in Austria.
 Sarah Gold in discussion with the curator of the "Hilti collection"
 Sarah Gold & Karlyn De Jongh checking the installments of a work by Richard Long
 Paul Renner, Sarah Gold and Karlyn De Jongh preparing the parts of the installation by Hermann Nitsch

 15 Jan 2010, Sarah Gold & Karlyn De Jongh during their opening speech at the exhibition at the Kunstlerhaus in Austria

26 - 27 January   Meeting with Lawrence Weiner for 24 hours on his boat in Amsterdam.
 February    Working in Venice


 25 March 2010 Jannis Kounellis, Karlyn De Jongh and Sarah Gold during the interview at his home in Rome, Italy.
 26 March 2010 Sarah Gold, Karlyn De Jongh, Giuseppe and Theresa Morra discussing the Nitsch Project in Neapels, Italy.
 6 May 2010  Opening of the Exhibition Personal Structures at Georg Kargl Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria.
 7 May 2010  Discussing the work of Lawrence Weiner with Karlyn De Jongh during the Exhibition at Georg Kargl Fine Arts.

Karlyn De Jongh and Sarah Gold at the 130. Aktion by Hermann Nitsch, Fondazione Morra, Napoli, Italy. 26 May 2010
9 June 2010, Roman Opalka and Sarah Gold at the home of Roman in France.
1 July 2010  Sarah Gold, Karlyn De Jongh and Fred Wilson discussing a possible future cooperation in Venice, Italy.
15 July 2010  Karlyn De Jongh and Sarah Gold in front of Palazzo Bembo in Venice, Italy where the next exhibition during the Biennale will take place. 
3 -9 August 2010 Together with Karlyn De Jongh visiting the Museum in Mouans-Sartoux France, Giuseppe Penone in Italy, Arnulf Rainer studio in Germany and Hermann Nitsch in Austria to talk about the next Venice Biennale Exhibition.

29 Oct. 2010 Sarah Gold, Roman Opalka, Karlyn De Jongh, Marie-Madeleine and Rene Rietmeyer checking the rooms of Palazzo Bembo for the Venice Exhibition

Visiting the Hermann Nitsch Museo in Napels, Italy and discussing the Art Edition at Nitsch his castle in Prinzendorf, Austria

9 December 2010 Lee Ufan visits Palazzo Bembo to decide upon his installation