The Publications: Subject and Goal 


Artworks are created, recognized, and exist in time and space. This seems so obvious that the actual significance of this statement is often overlooked. This is why, Time, and Space as well as Existence will be examined as themes in our publications. ”Personal Structures“, as a forum for artists working in a non-representational manner, focuses on art which favors a concentrated, but subjective, form language. Hereby, directly or indirectly, concepts of Time-Space-Existence play an important role. 



Time always implicates movement or change. The way we experience, think, and perceive time is in constant flux. This also applies to artistic concepts of time: The possibilities for visualizing time using artistic means inevitably change over the course of time.

Although many have provided thoughts concerning Space, we are the opinion that even today Space is still a subject waiting to be explored. Consequently, basic artistic questions related to space and spatiality will be discussed.

Existence, in its strict philosophical sense (for example, as it is used by Heidegger and Sartre), is the “kind of being” that applies exclusively to humans. “To exist” does not merely mean to be present, but rather it is “self-design”, being open to possibilities and freedom. One’s own existence, with its particular terms and conditions, can become an artistic subject and thus, serve as model for the self-encounter of the viewer.

Our publications aim to reach all persons interested in approaching questions about Time-Space-Existence in the most honest and sincere way we all are capable of. Our publications are combinations of informative, theoretical texts, stimulating and readable interviews, and photografic  documentations. The texts and artworks in our publication are geared to heighten the awareness and importance of thoughts about Time-Space-Existence in each person's life. We not only publish "regular" artbooks, but we document our Art-Projects in Special Editions and in addition, we create Art-Editions, always in close cooperation with the artists.