1 - 8 January
Karlijn De Jongh is in The Netherlands for the preparation of an exhibition of Anke Erlenhoff and Kanji Wakae and for a meeting with GlobalArtAffairs - Software owner Kristina Schuknecht.

10 - 18 February
Visit to Lisbon, Portugal. Photo shows Karlijn De Jongh looking at Lawrence Weiner's video work from 1976 "Do You Believe in Water?" in the Museu Coleccao Berardo.



7 March

Curators Sarah Gold and Karlijn De Jongh meet the Japanese artist Kanji Wakae and his wife Haruko Wakae during the setup of his exhibition in Koeln (Germany).

7 March
Curator Karlijn De Jongh visits Anke Erlenhoff's studio in Koeln.


11 March

Karlijn De Jongh and Sarah Gold visit the 'Fornace' of Adriano Berengo in Murano (Italy).


9 March

Visit to Lousanne (Switzerland) together with Sarah Gold to meet gallerist Silvana Facchini.

  March 15

Appointments with Heartbeat-Sasaki in Tokyo, Japan.
As well as meeting with Gallery 360 and the Berengo Collection.

March 16

Meeting with photographers.






March 17

De Jongh in her Tokyo apartment, preparating for the Existence symposium (photo) in Tokyo, Japan.




March 18

Appointment at the Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan.


19 March

Sarah Gold and Karlijn De Jongh meet with Rei Maeda from Art Front Gallery to discuss the Public Relations for the Personal Structures symposium.


March 20

Meeting with artist Tomoji Ogawa in Tokyo, Japan.


21 March

Karlijn De Jongh goes to the Setagaya Art Museum for a meeting with director Tadayasu Sakai.


22 March

De Jongh, Gold and Sakurai travel to Saitama (Japan) to meet Toshikatsu Endo and visit his studio (photo).


27 March

De Jongh and Saburo Ota in his studio in Tsuyama (Japan).


2 April

The first day of the symposium "Personal Structures: Time - Space - Existence" in the Setagaya Art Museum in Tokyo (Japan) opens with a presentation by Saburo Ota.


2 April

Lunch break with sushi under the sakura trees.


3 April

Karlijn De Jongh opens the second day of the symposium.


3 April

Curator Karlijn De Jongh at the symposium in the Setagaya Art Museum.


3 April

Artist Rene Rietmeyer discusses his ideas about Existence in art; in the background curators Sarah Gold and Karlijn De Jongh.




3 April

Artist Joseph Kosuth speaking about Existence (photo: Artist Rene Rietmeyer, Karlijn De Jongh, Sarah Gold, Joseph Kosuth, and Yuko Sakurai)


4 and 8 April

Appointment with Joseph Kosuth, Tokyo, Japan


15 April

For her project "Questions to On Kawara", De Jongh visits Gallery 360º. The photo shows Miyuki Sugaya, Toshiyuki Nemoto, and De Jongh.


May 3

Meeting with gallerist Rudolf Budja in Miami, USA.


May 10

Klaus Benden, assistant Jaime, and curators Karlijn De Jongh and Sarah Gold in front of the bkhfgallery building (photo).


May 10

Curators of the show Sarah Gold and Karlijn De Jongh discussing with Klaus Benden and a visitor the concept of the exhibition (photo).


May 15

Curators Karlijn De Jongh and Sarah Gold in front of a work by Tom Wesselmann in the bkhfgallery, Miami, USA.


12 June

Artist Rene Rietmeyer and curator Karlijn De Jongh install the artist's work for the exhibition "Crossing Borders" at bkhfgallery in Miami, USA.


12 June

Curator Karlijn De Jongh checks the work by French artist Paul Raguenes.


14 June

The opening of Karlijn De Jongh's exhibition "Crossing Borders" at bkhfgallery. De Jongh discusses the work by Japanese artist Heartbeat - Sasaki with Sarah Gold and Rainer Klimczak.


30 July
Peter Lodermeyer, Sarah Gold, Karlijn De Jongh and Roman Opalka.


1 August
Meeting with Sarah Gold and Peter Lodermeyer in Bonn, Germany to discuss the Personal Structures publication.

3 August
Karlijn De Jongh and Sarah Gold on the steps of the cathedral in Turin, Italy, after meeting Giuseppe Penone in his studio.


6 August
Karlijn De Jongh and Sarah Gold together in Croatia.


13 August
Interviewing Antony Gormley for the Personal Structures publication in London, UK.

September & October
Karlijn De Jongh is mainly in her apartment in Dublin, Ireland, to prepare interviews for the "Personal Structures: Time - Space - Existence" publication.


12 November
Karlijn De Jongh interviewing Kris Martin in his studio in Ghent, Belgium.

13 and 15 November
Meetings with Sarah Gold in Leiden, the Netherlands, to discuss the New York symposium.


The last three months of the 2008 and the first weeks of 2009, Karlijn De Jongh has been mostly busy at the library of Dublin, Ireland, preparing upcoming interviews with artists such as Teresa Margolles, Tatsuo Miyajima, Peter Halley, Christian Boltanski, Marcia Hafif, Guiseppe Penone and Rachel Whiteread.