is one of the most convincing conceptualists from the era of the late sixties and seventies. His word lists, wall and window pieces, his sound recordings, and DVD and slide projections, are focused on one central idea: language. Barry remains one of the most reflective of conceptualists in the sense that language is not finalized as an abstract concept. Rather, language constitutes a transport system, a kind of reflexive circuitry in which the process of engaging with the work draws the viewer into his or her own experiences. While his isolation of words may make the language appear fragmented and generalized (a practice that begins in the late sixties), a synaptic moment eventually arrives in which something clicks into place. In the Heideggerian sense, it is about making a connection between the language of being and the arbitration of being there.

2010    "Personal Structures Time-Space-Existence", Georg Kargl Fine Arts, Austria

"Personal Structures Space", New Museum, New York, USA

• Lodermeyer, Peter, Karlyn De Jongh & Sarah Gold, PERSONAL STRUCTURES: TIME SPACE EXISTENCE, DuMont Verlag, Cologne, Germany, 2009