DAN GRAHAM (1942, Urbana, Illinois, USA)

After running the John Daniels Gallery in New York from November 1964 to June 1965, began working in an area which later came to be known as Conceptual art. This work, beginning with 'Scheme (1965)', was designed to appear only in periodicals. By late 1966, 'Homes for America' and 'Schema (March, 1966)' had appeared. In 1967 was visited by Terry Atkinson and began a series of letter-exchanges which led to 'Schema (March, 1966)' being included in the first number of Art-Language. In addition to Conceptual projects, worked with still photographs of houses and architectural details in 1966 and also completed a quasi-sculptural work using a carousel slide projector (1966) for presentation. A pioneer in performance and video art in the 1970's, Graham later turned his attention to architectural projects designed for social interaction in public spaces. Furthermore, writing has been an essential aspect of Graham's work. His texts range from early conceptual art pieces inserted in mass-market magazines, to writings on his fellow artists, to analyses of popular culture. Graham lives and works in New York City (USA).

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