BEN VAUTIER (1935, Naples, Italy)

Ben Vautier approaches to the Fluxus movement in 1962 and the mouve- ment of Nouveau-Rèalisme groups and new-dada. Vautier and the Fluxus group plan to incor- porate the concept of art, including the function of the object and everything that happens in everyday life, trying to establish a close relationship between art and life. This idea brings extensive art Vautier to support an aesthetic appropriation, which prompts him to take posses- sion - and then to sign as their own creation - everything that is around us, and to experience all forms of artistic expression, such as happenings and the “Écritures”, a set of images, advertising illustrations and photos, to which the artist supports its written comments. Vautier lives and works in Nice, France.

2013    "Personal Structures", 54th Biennale di Venezia, Venice, Italy

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